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Palm Beach Baby

ABC TV Eye-Witness News on the set, featuring Ron Dener on location directing 52 actors in an original Period Musical Production.

Mama Mia Teaser – a half hour Sitcom series

Get a taste of Mama Mia’s pizza in this short teaser about a hilarious Virtual Reality Comedic Television Series with funny, zany characters that will make you laugh! Join them in their Virtual World.

Barkers Island

A Fantasy Comedy featuring real Animals that think, and act like humans. Join them on their adventure on this Secret Island where Dogs rule! A Doggone Funny Fantasy! Full broadcast episode available with talking animals.

Birds Eye View Show

A up-close look at the specialty of live Bird Surgery. See a successful pet rescue of someone’s loved pet in this Public Service Announcement designed to bring animal welfare awareness to the public.

Cooking with Mariel

Looks what's cooking with Mariel. Ron Dener Produced and Directed a TV show that was broadcast on UPN Network.

In Focus TV Special
Behind the Scenes

Ron Dener and his crew behind the scenes.

Andy Gibb Concert

Andy Gibb & Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees in a major televised live Concert, booked, produced, and directed by Ron Dener to benefit the American Diabetes Association with a special Interview behind the scenes.

Contributing Factor

An Action-Packed Explosive Drama based on a true story about 2 passenger planes that collide in mid-air. Fasten your seatbelts…

Acting Game Teaser

An exciting Game Show on Acting with a panel of Judges, Winners, and Losers. The excitement of a Game Show and the thrill of Acting excites the audience and all who watch the Acting Game. So, You Think You Can Act?

Kidz Hidden Kamera

Kids hide a Kamera and play Pranks on unsuspecting people. Tune in for a different kind of Surprise!

In Action - Behind the Scenes

Ron Dener and his crew behind the scenes.

TV Networks Ron Dener has Directed For
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