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(For Beginners & Professionals - Learn from a Pro)

Ron Dener Instructional Endorsements

Various Quotes from Letters of Endorsement for Ron Dener Acting Instructor:

“Ron Dener has successfully taught a number of classes for the Continuing Education Department…..Video Production, How to be a Producer & Promoter for TV & Motion Pictures, Write a Script, Shoot & Edit, and Inside Show Business A-Z.”……Shirley Boudousquie, Program Developer, Broward Community College. 

“Mr. Ron Dener has done several talk shows on our channel. The shows we were most impressed with were his Children’s Drama Workshops. We taped two of these, one with a small group in action, and one at an Elementary School with a considerably larger number of children. We feel programming of this nature would be informative and beneficial to the public at large.”…. Sandra M. Booten, Public Access TV.

“I have observed Mr. Dener’s Drama Workshop here at Sabal Point Elementary, and I am impressed with his creative teaching abilities. His classes in drama are a genuine contribution to the education of our children. The Ron Dener Workshop via Public TV would be a definite cultural benefit to all.” ….. R.W. Hughes, Principal 

“Dear Ron, it is very true that nothing can compare with “hands-on” experience. My group of pre-teen campers had a wonderful time exploring the world of video at your studio this summer. Not only was making the film an experience they will never forget, but it brought the group closer together and developed friendships that will last even after the final day of camp! All of us at Western Camp enjoyed watching the film almost as much as we enjoyed participating in it. I hope that next summer will allow us to once again to participate in a program with you. I thank you for all you did for Western’s “coeds” this summer.”…….
Ande Klein, Camp Director, Western School.

On-Camera Acting Workshops Highlights 

  • How to Audition & Get the Job

  • Lots of FUN!!!

  • Unique & Exciting

  • Develops Self Confidence & Builds Self Esteem

  • Encourages Spontaneity & Creativity

  • Develops Community Team Leaders & Bookable Actors

School of Youth Development Certificate for Ron Dener

Ron’s Acting Instructor Resume

Ron Dener specializes in Television & Motion Picture Acting Instruction




Ron Dener began teaching acting in New York City for stage and screen and in Florida, he began teaching his noted “On Camera Acting Program” and his Theatre Performance Training. 


Ron Dener has taught thousands of people from Children to Adults, acting techniques required for the Stage, Television & Motion Picture Industry. 


Mr. Dener has been Private Acting Coach to numerous celebrities including Gloria Estefan and Orlando’s Miss Florida, Delta Burke. He coached and booked 6 sisters featured on the Lawrence Welk Show for 3 years. 


Ron Dener’s students have been featured in hundreds of National Television Commercials, numerous Motion Pictures, and hit Television Shows such as “CSI”, “Fantasy Island”, “Love Boat”, “Miami Vice”, and “Burn Notice” to name a few.  Mr. Dener has taught beginners and advanced professionals from around the world. Contact Ron Today to schedule an Acting Workshop for your group.




Ron Dener was an Acting Instructor and Head of the Film & Video Department at Phillips College and was responsible for State Accreditation for the department for this private University. He created and implemented a student Internship utilizing the Television & Motion Picture Industry in Florida and worked closely with the Florida Film Commissioner. 


Ron Dener was a faculty member at the Broward Community College for over 5 years for Continuing Education Services for various classes including “Inside Show Business from A to Z”. 


Ron Dener’s Acting Curriculum has been created over many years of workshop experimental experience. Mr. Dener has utilized his curriculum and was Acting Instructor for the following:

National Franchises:

  • Barbizon Modeling Schools

  • John Robert Powers Schools

  • Gayle Carson Modeling Schools


Educational Institutions:

  • Board of Education, New York City

  • Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach County Schools

  • Pompano Beach Adult Education Center


Private Organizations: 

  • Civic Center, Orlando

  • Border’s Books

  • WINQ TV Channel 19

  • Fame Institute

  • Award Performances

  • Talent Services


 Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Boys & Girls Club

  • YMCA

  • Young Adventurers (school providing services to disadvantaged youth)

  • Adventure 2001 (service providing extra student classes to existing school systems)


Government Organizations:

  • NYPD (New York Police Dept.) NY

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